Advent Calendar With Drawers

Advent Calendar With DrawersI loved my advent calendars when I was a little girl! We always got a basic disposable one made from cardboard and filled with chocolate, but that was enough to make me happy. Now for my nieces, I want them to have an advent calendar with drawers.

I think it’s more special when you fill each drawer with a gift of your choosing. Not only are the gifts more personal, but it’s also a nice little surprise every day.

With the chocolate ones, you know you’re getting a piece of chocolate. And don’t get me wrong, that’s a great thing, but isn’t it nicer when you have no idea what to expect?

One day you might get some chocolate, the next a little toy, the next some cash, the next a coupon for a book of your choice, etc. Any gifts that are too large, put a coupon in the drawer. Or, even better, a treasure map that leads to the actual gift. Your kids will love this!

Adding that element of surprise to an already wonderful tradition only makes the holiday season more memorable for the little ones. Last year, we made our own advent calendars for my nieces and the joy on their faces every morning when they got their surprise brought tears to my eyes. Making your own is a lot of work, though, and we just don’t have the time to do it again. That’s why I went looking for alternatives.


My Top Choices for an Advent Calendar With Drawers

One other nice thing about these advent calendars is that you can reuse them every year. So while they cost a bit more, you end up saving over the long term.

That said, I did include two cheaper models that are made from cardboard. They’re great for the price, but I wouldn’t expect them to last more than a year or two, though that depends on the kids using them. With my nieces, they’d barely last until Christmas.

If you’re looking for an advent calendar that’s a bit more special than the standard choices, get one with drawers that you can fill yourself. It’ll make the holidays that much more special and memorable for you and your kids.