C6 LED Christmas Lights

C6 LED Christmas LightsI own several strands of C6 LED Christmas lights. I bought them because like the smaller size and feel it just works better on a Christmas tree than larger C7 or C9 lights. Even outdoors, I still prefer the smaller sized bulbs for most uses, although I do use bigger bulbs for the main strands ringing the outside of our front porch and patio.

I’ve had my C6 Christmas lights for a few years now and they’ve been my go-to lights every holiday season. But I use them a lot the rest of the year, too, especially during the summer. They’re perfect for our backyard patio area, where hey add a bit of a festive mood to outdoor barbecues and other get-togethers.

The smaller sized bulbs are less intrusive and they don’t automatically draw people’s attention, but they still provide plenty of light for any occasion. I have only multi-colored and all-white strands, but will probably end up getting a strand or two of blue C6 LED lights.


Great Deals on C6 LED Christmas Lights

We do a little haunted house in our backyard every year for Halloween and the blue ones would be perfect for that. They aren’t as bright as the other colors, so they give you enough light to see, but not enough to see clearly. Perfect for a haunted house!

The four light strands above were the best value options I found. I actually own the larger multi-colored strand already, but I won’t be buying any of the others. As I mentioned, I’m looking specifically for blue lights at the moment, but the blue LED C6 Christmas lights all cost a bit more right now than I was hoping to pay.

In then end, I might have to go with a blue Christmas light that doesn’t use C6 LEDs. Alternatively, I could wait and hope the prices come down a bit. The truth is, I already have so any strands of Christmas lights, that it’s not really pressing for me to get more. But I just really love buying them!