4 Christmas Headbands That Won’t Break The Bank

cheap gift christmas headbandsWe’ve got an office Christmas party every year and I wanted to get a Santa hat, but found these headbands instead. These are so much better! Everybody’s going to have a Santa hat. Now I can be different.

These headbands are a quick and easy way to dress up for the holidays and they currently all cost very little, making them an inexpensive costume, too.

They also make great little gifts. I think I’m going to buy several to use as stocking stuffers. My nieces will love them, especially the snowflake headband. They can be snowflake princesses which will make me the coolest aunt ever.

For myself I’m leaning toward the springy Santa headband, but my absolute favorite is obviously the doggy antlers. I’ve seen them on TV before and always wanted a pair for Masha (my terrier). I can’t believe I just randomly found them. Looks like we’re going to have a little reindeer terrier running around the house this year!