Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent CalendarAmong all the advent calendars I’ve been researching over the past few days, the Christmas tree advent calendar arguably evokes the holiday spirit more than any other. Many of them don’t even contain gifts and simply provide a fun way to count down the days until December 25 (your kids may not like this as much as, say, a chocolate calendar).

Some are made from felt and others from wood, which accounts for the large difference in prices. Obviously a wooden Christmas tree advent calendar is going to last longer than a felt advent calendar, but any of the options listed below can be reused for many years.

While the advent Christmas trees that contain no gifts would still make good countdown calendars for kids, I think they are actually best suited for the office. They’re perfect for hanging in the break room and getting the staff into the Christmas spirit. Kids would enjoy them, too, but naturally, they would prefer a calendar with gifts.


The Best Deals On Christmas Tree Advent Calendars

I’m not going to buy any of these calendars for my nieces or myself (they’re getting calendars with toys and I’m getting one, or more, with chocolate), but I do think I’ll get the hanging scroll one for my husband to hang in his office.

The nicest thing about all of the advent calendars shaped like Christmas trees is that they look homemade. There’s something extra special about a homemade calendar, but most of us lack the time, patience and/or skills to actually make one—at least one that looks decent and doesn’t fall apart by December 5.

These calendars give you that same look, without the need to actually make anything yourself. And they don’t cost much more either, once you’ve bought everything you need and have accounted for all the wasted materials from the many failed attempts. Or is that just me?