Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

Outdoor Solar Christmas LightsI have a LOT of Christmas lights, but none of them are solar powered. I guess it just seemed strange to use solar power for something that only runs in the dark. Obviously, the lights are charged by the sun during the day so that they can then run all night, but still.

Nevertheless, outdoor solar Christmas lights make a lot of sense. You save money and the environment. I’m not sure if they would work well indoors, unless you have them near a window, so you can place the solar panel outdoors. But as outdoor Christmas lighting, they’re perfect.

They even charge in cloudy weather, although sunny days are better. It seems they need at least six hours of daylight, though. So if you live in the far north, solar powered Christmas lights may not work for you.


Great Deals on Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

I’m going to buy a strand or two to give them a try. I’ll probably use them to decorate our patio. I like the idea of never having to worry about plugging in the lights in the evening or unplugging them in the morning. Eventually, I’ll probably convert all our lights and use nothing but solar Christmas lighting outdoors. It just makes sense.

I did a lot of research and the list I came up with here are the best value solar powered Christmas lights I found. Most use LEDs and have several color options. All are marked way down at the time of writing and cost between $10 and $20.

I’m going to get one strand of the solar LED Christmas lights from Qedertek. They’re basic and can be used in many ways. I’m also going to get a strand of the Senbow waterproof LED crystal ball lights. I love the way they look and I like that they use LED technology. The other crystal balls use traditional bulbs and I definitely prefer LED. They last longer and I’ve actually really started to like the look of the light they give off, too.