Shooting Star Christmas Lights

shooting star christmas lightsI don’t have any of these shooting star Christmas lights yet, but I’m going to get the icicle-shaped ones (left). Those will look great in my windows.

The large shooting star (right) is simply too big for our house. We don’t have much of a yard. My sister would love that one though.

She lives out in the suburbs and she and her husband go all out with their decorations every year. Most people hang it from a tree, but I think it would look great coming off the side of their house, with the light tail heading out into their yard.

The smaller falling rain and icicle lights are the type of decoration I would use again every year. I really love the meteor shower effect of these lights. The LEDs inside turn on and off in sequence, producing an effect that looks like the lights are falling toward the ground.

The icicle ones are more Christmasy, although both types would look great during the holidays. You could use them in so many ways. As I mentioned, I’m getting the icicle ones for my windows, but they would look great hanging from a tree as well. You could also hang them from other decorations or string up a clothesline and hang them from that. That would look amazing! Kind of like they’re floating in mid-air.


Good Deals On Shooting Star Christmas Lights

I’ve been poking around online looking for the perfect lights for my windows and these icicle ones are it. With their LED technology, they’re more modern than the lights I currently have, but they still have the look of traditional lighting. That really appeals to me and they cost a lot less than I was expecting to spend.

My husband tells me I have way too many Christmas lights as it is, but I disagree. Every year I add one or two new lights to my collection and this year I’m adding the icicle shooting star Christmas lights. I think I’m getting the larger one, too. For my sister, of course (just in case my husband reads this).