6 Small Lego Sets That Won’t Break The Bank

6 LEGO Sets christmas gift itemI was looking for some inexpensive children’s gifts and came across these small LEGO sets on sale. I can’t believe how little they cost! It’s virtually impossible to find quality toys at that price.

LEGOs have always been one of my favorite toys for kids. They foster creativity and can be used in many different ways. There are sets aimed at both boys and girls, making them the perfect gifts.

I actually ended up buying way more than I needed. Now I’ve got a little stockpile of gifts for whenever my nieces visit or a neighbor’s kid has a birthday. And nobody would ever guess how little I paid for them!

My favorite is Princess Treasure’s Day at the Pool. That’s probably because I have nieces, but it’s also the one I would have chosen when I was a little girl. If you’re buying for boys, maybe don’t get the Disney Princess series. The 3 Creator Series sets would be perfect for little boys.


Note: I also found a couple of advent calendars with LEGO toys that I thought were really cool.