5 Smartphone Accessories That Won’t Break The Bank

cheap smartphone accessoriesIf you’ve got a smartphone, you either have these accessories or you need them. Even if you have them, you probably know someone who doesn’t. Here’s your chance to give them something they need and pay very little to do so. This is the best type of Christmas shopping.

The deals here include various types of cell phone accessories. There’s a tempered glass screen protector and a clear protective case for the iPhone 7. There’s a universal waterproof case that works on many popular phones. Finally, there are two sets of USB cables for Android phones. One pack comes with 5 shorter cables (8 inches) and the other has 2 cables that are 6 feet long.

I have an Android phone, so I have no need for the iPhone protectors. But  actually do need a new charging cable, so I found this deal at the right time. I’m going to get the 2 pack, because I prefer longer cables, but I might actually buy two of them. I can never find my charging cable when I need it and I’m hoping that will change if I have four of them lying around the house. I can keep one in every room

I also know several people who could use a new cable for their phones and several more who need cases or a screen protector. I can now scratch their Christmas gifts off my list. And, unless they read this, they’ll never know how little I spent.