Where to Buy Advent Calendars

Where to buy advent calendars for ChristmasThis year I was put in charge of finding good countdown calendars for my nieces. The problem is, there are no stores carrying them anywhere near me. Before I could research the best calendars, I first had to find out where to buy advent calendars.

The answer turned out to be simple and pretty obvious: Amazon.

I used Amazon for much of my research, too. In the end, I wrote a number of posts featuring the best options on Amazon for various types of advent calendars.

Since it seems you’re also asking yourself “Where can I buy an advent calendar?”, my posts might help.


Where to Buy Advent Calendars — Different Types

  1. Advent calendars with drawers
  2. Wooden advent calendar houses
  3. Advent calendars with toys
  4. Christmas chocolate advent calendars
  5. Christmas tree advent calendars
  6. Wooden nativity advent calendars


Each one of those posts features several different options for each type of Christmas calendar. These were the best products I found after extensive research.

I mentioned a lot throughout those posts that my sister and I made our own advent calendars last year, but we don’t have the time or the desire to do that again. That is what led to all this research.

The main requirement my sister had was that the calendars aren’t filled with chocolate or other sweets. I agree with this. For my nieces. For myself, I have already placed an order for two chocolate-filled calendars, but let’s not get into that.

As for my nieces, I’ve decided to go with wooden houses. I was close to getting one of the toy-filled ones, but decided it would be better to get something a bit more personal that we can fill ourselves. It’s more work, but I feel it’s a good compromise between making the whole thing yourself and buying a pre-filled disposable advent calendar.

Now that you know where to buy an advent calendar and have a ton of different options, I hope you are able to find one you like.

If so, Merry Christmas!

If not, leave a comment below and maybe I, or another reader, can help.