Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar

Wooden nativity advent calendar for ChristmasA wooden nativity advent calendar is perfect for parents who want a fun way to count down the days until Christmas while teaching their children about the origins of the holiday.

Traditional advent calendars like this might be greeted with less enthusiasm at first, but your kids will quickly warm up to the idea once a few days have passed and they’ve revealed some of the pieces and have started setting up the nativity scene.

A religious advent calendar may not be for everyone, but it is a wonderful way to get your whole family into the true spirit of the holiday. And that is something that is often lost in today’s fast-paced and ultra-commercial world where the almighty dollar rules all. Who among us wouldn’t welcome a chance to get back to tradition and teach our children about the true spirit of the holiday at the same time?


The Best Wooden Nativity Advent Calendars

There are actually several types of nativity scene advent calendars. Some are regular advent calendars with little boxes for concealing gifts and are simply decorated with a nativity motif. Others allow you to set up your own nativity scene, revealing a new piece every day until the final piece is added on Christmas.

Personally, I find the second type more fun and also more educational. Every day when the piece is revealed, you can tell your children the story behind that particular part of the nativity scene. This is a great way to enjoy some family time together and also to educate your children about the true meaning behind Christmas. I guarantee after a day or two of these stories, they won’t even care anymore that they’re not getting chocolate like their friends.

You’ll find cheaper calendars made from cardboard, but those never last. Pay a little more now and get a wooden nativity advent calendar that will last a lifetime and can teach several generations the true joy and spirit of Christmas.